After initial cuts, edges are raw and have sharp edges


Light hand grinding creates seamed edges which will not cut you.  All glass leaves the shop with seamed edges for safety



Heavier machine grinding creates a more uniform edge and a high polish look




Specialized  machines crteate a bevel on the edge of the glass.  Bevels can range in a variety of sizes



Pre-made mirrored bevel strips are applied to a seamed mirror to create a unique beveled effect.  Bevel strips come in a variety of sizes.


   Applied Bevel  Strip - 2"    

           True Bevel  -  1"

               Applied Bevel Strips

     Mirror in Arched Alcove

    Mirrored Gym Wall

     Walk-in Closet


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We provide custom mirrors for any application; bathroom vanity mirrors, mirrored walls, walk in closets, closet bifold doors just to name a few.

All mirrors are custom cut to any size and shape.


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